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We don’t usually write blogs on other people and companies but I’m going to start. We work with so many great people with such incredible talent and it’s time to spread the good news!

First up is a great new company who immediately grabbed my attention from their Instagram page. I love art and all things original and for someone who can draw/sketch/paint I will always admire as I wish I could be that good (hey, we all have our weaknesses!)

The Custom Botanist

First of all… the coolest name ever! This small company (Owner- Hannah Young) draws, shades, paints and colours all things floral! From your wedding bouquet, floral crowns or anything you have taken a photograph of and wish it could be drawn.

I found her talent so great because not only did I fail massively at trying to dry my own bouquet but I put so much thought and effort into choosing my flowers (from JN FLOWERS Jill naughton) for my wedding and I couldn’t get to keep them, ūüė©

The great thing is The Custom Botanist is currently running a competition to win your floral being drawn! Head over to their Facebook page like their page and comment with your bouquet or flower design you would like to be drawn. Their instagram page is pretty cool too. She¬†shows you all stages or her work and what she can do! Perfect fro our past brides or if you’re about to get married or know someone who is, this would be a great wedding present (or in my case, gift to myself!)

This is what The Custom Botanist¬†did for me, I love it!! I love the colours, the watercolour details and even the packaging it came in! So professional with weekly updates and some sneaky peeks! Hannah works really closely with you and any changes you want made she will do! I’ve put it up in my office above my computer so I can admire it every day ūüė欆(She signed it after this pic was taken too!)

Prices Range from £90-£130 depending on size and colour, Mine was £110 which in my opinion is a good fair price as i know how long she spent on it, it usually take 4 weeks for completion, more information on her website HERE or you can email them here!

Let me know what you think and if you like this vintage pastel colour scheme maybe you would like our giant FLORAL LOVE LETTERS 

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Suzy xoxo