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Hi We used to love the inspirational posts from the companies we followed when Ollie and I were planning our wedding. We would stalk people’s Instagram and Pinterest and wait for them to keep bringing out new products. We loved sneak peek pictures too! Well we do exactly the same, with so many updates to our Rustic Collection, we have had such great feedback! We have some pretty awesome pictures too!

The Very Clever and Rusty Rustic Kissing Heart!
My new favourite item (I say that every time!) But this one was hand sanded by myself and painted by Ollie! With clever Rusty paint which requires activation the Rusty heart follows the same shape as our classic white one and comes on a wooden stand too! We actually made this for the gap above where our Rustic Love letters are placed at Owen House Wedding barn. There was a perfect gap for us to make something.

But this Light up heart is perfect for so many more venues! It matches perfectly with the Rustic Love letters and can be placed at the top of an Aisle for the ceremony, in an entrance, hung on a beam or placed next to the letters.

We are also expanding our rustic collection so if you prefer your initials let us know and we’ll make them for you!

Suzy xoxo