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Let’s face it WE LOVE NEON this craze we are having just brightens our day and it can brighten your day too! It’s not for everyone but our range or props to hire is so diverse now I’m pretty sure we have something for everyone… and if not.. I’ll make it! Neon isn’t just for the eccentric, lively and rock and roll weddings (although we love those too!) it’s for everyone. It’s romantic, brings smiles to faces on the dance floor and draws your eye to the top of the aisle. Plus it makes for some epic photography! So, SIX ways to have neon at your wedding…

Neon sign at ceremony

James Jebson Photography

At the top of the ceremony aisle

Our Happily ever after, to the moon and back,and It was always you neon it PERFECT for the top of the aisle, it’s romantic, personal to you, and the images are beautiful, just think how wowed guests will be when they are waiting for you to arrive to see and smile at the signage.

Neon sign behind top table

James Jebson Photography

Behind the top table

I’m thinking You + Me, happily ever after or Crazy in Love behind the top table hanging from one of our 8 different frames with blooming florals towering over the top by your florist is the most perfect setting. You spend a lot of time sat down listening to speeches, looking at the beautiful couple and this neon is just the best

Neon sign on the dancefloor

James Jebson Photography

By the dance floor

Get your groove on and get dancing!

Our biggest signs ‘Crazy in Love’, Let’s get this party started’ and ‘TIL death do us party’ was made for this reason! They are fun, speaks volumes and the light and colour adds to the atmosphere. We love romance but let’s be honest, once the sun goes down and the music gets playing the wedding party is just the best feeling. So get your dancing shoes on and get bouncing!

Neon signs for selfies

Nesta Lloyd Photography (right pic)

In the entrance for selfies

Yes the neon is a modern day ‘trend’ (I don’t like that word) but it’s not confined to a modern day wedding, we have done so many in a rustic setting, barns and sometimes the only added extra in a minimalistic wedding. Our neon signs make for an eye catching prop for your wedding guests to pose with and with all our local and recommended venues we work with in Cheshire and Manchester there are so many great entrances and barn space where this works perfectly! Whilst your guests are supping on bubbles and waiting for you to have your one and one piccies taken they can be posing and taking selfies with one of our backdrops and neon signs or shapes!


Table plan details

Utilise the signs for more than one use, using our frames or backdrops you could have the neon sign eg happily ever after at the top and add another acrylic sign that has been screen printed or vinyl printed. It would really well on our foliage wall, to add a luscious whimsical vibe add florals too! Our white mesh or black mesh circle works well with this idea too! Or hang the table plan beneath the neon on one of our frames. We work with a number or companies who do this or if you get Corrie from The Soirée Stylist to style your wedding day she does the most incredible acrylic signs too! We have some weddings lined up using them in this way…pictures to come!

Neon sign and seating area

Time Out Area

We actually really love the look of a sofa in front of the neon! It obviously ties in with an opportunity to have a photo taken (which part of the wedding day isn’t!?) but how fun is this idea! Grab an old chesterfield, use a modern chair and get posing/resting 😉

You can see our full range of Neon Signs in our Neon Collection HERE

Dare to be different, it’s not just our unique phrases (designed and exclusive to The Word Is Love) that sets the scene, we also have a giant 6ft pink lighting bolt, 4ft heart, and 4ft pink neon love letters (also handmade by Ollie in our workshop!)

To enquire about prices please email or use our Contact Form head over to our instagram to check out our stories highlights and grid for inspiration!

Suzy and Ollie x