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The Word is Love has grown so rapidly over the past 9 years and with so much more growth potential we are looking for enthusiastic like-minded business people to work together to supply weddings and events across the UK with our Award winning products.

Our illuminated letters< Neon Signs and one off pieces are a popular way to impress and wow at events and weddings. We are one of the first companies to bring this product to the UK and our hand crafted letters would be supplied in the package to get you started. We get 20+ enquiries a day and have a folder full of potential clients by area, waiting to hear from you. We have been making a note of the most popular areas we cannot deliver to and this is where we need you. We are looking to Franchise to the following areas,

The average cost of the light up letters per booking has increased year on year. With the amount of stock we hold and the increased popularity of Surnames being hired being a huge factor. Weddings are more personalised now with New Bride and Grooms wanting their names but LOVE being a firm favourite which is why we have 10 different styles! Which you can have access to to, as well as an endless amount of Custom and hired neons as we also make these!

You will have full control over your bookings, we will forward all bookings to you for you to quote and take over. This is your business, as long as you follow our voice and structure you can make this your own with your enthusiasm and want to work.

You will go out and attend local wedding fairs and venue open days, if you wish to pay for any that’s up to you

We are open to ideas and feedback from what customers and event companies want made and can add this to our catalogue.

c and k light-up intials wedding prop hire
Love letters with bride and groom

We will do all advertising, Bridal magazines, Google, Facebook and Mailshots (happy for your input on posts too if you get photographs from brides and photoshoots to increase popularity in your area)

We have a big social Media Presence so please take a look, get delved in, see if you think you are the person that can join our business to make your own business, if you think you can do it, please fill in the contact form below.